Good Samaritan Clinic , Xolol , San Luis Potosi , Mexico
John Ladd, M.D.
Director/Administrator & General Physician
John Ladd was born in raised in San Antonio, Texas. He
completed a Bachelors Degree in biology from the University of
Stephen F. Austin in Nagcogdoches, Texas. While attending
university John met and married Shirley Dyer. In 1964, John
and Shirley began teaching school in Managua, Nicaragua,
where they first became involved in volunteer healthcare work.

John enrolled in the University of San Luis Potosi, School of
Medicene and graduated in 1976. After completing a year of
mandatory medical service to the Mexican government, John
established the Good Samaritan Clinic in 1980. Since that time
John has served as a missionary for the BMAA and has been
the Director/Adminstrator and General Physician of the clinic.

John and Shirley currently live in Aquismon, San Luis Potosi,
Mexico (near the clinic). They have three children and three

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