Our Work
A medical non-profit medical facility, the Good Samaritan Clinic
was established 1979 in the mountains of east central Mexico to
serve the people of the region known as La Huasteca.
La Clinica
Buen Samaritano
, as it is know locally, primarily works with two
local indigenous groups, the
Huasteco and Nahualt, whose basic
healthcare consists of little more than a mix of ancient
superstitions and rudimentary medicine.

Under the guidance of Dr. John Ladd the Good Samaritan Clinic
has developed from a modest single story facility to the present
complex of buildings that accommodates a twelve member
. Two physicians, one dentist, a nutritionist, two
counselors, a laboratory/pharmacy technician, nurse and other
support staff comprise the medical team at the clinic.

In addition to the regular staff present year round, special
medical and support teams visit the clinic each year to donate
their services. Teams from both Mexico and United States
provide a variety of short-term medical services that are simply
out of reach, both geographically and financially, for most of the
local people.

Good Samaritan Clinic , Xolol , San Luis Potosi , Mexico