Good Samaritan Clinic , Xolol , San Luis Potosí , Mexico
Scholarships Provided
Others, Inc., a non-profit charity organization supporting the work
of the Good Samaritan Clinic has established education
scholarships for two local students. The scholarships will help
students pay for tuition, books and room and board.

Josue Osorio Corte is one of the sponsored students. He is
from Huejuetla, Hidalgo and is working toward becoming a
medical doctor. He will begin his second year of study at
University in Tampico, Tamaulipas. Josue's father is one of the
counselors at the clinic.

Hilda Ramirez from nearby town of Tanquime is another one of
the students. She is studying in to be a social worker. Hilda
speaks Spanish and Huasteca, the language of the local
indigenous population. She also helps out at the clinic when time

By providing educational scholarship to students Others, Inc.
hopes to benefit the individual student and also to provide much
needed healthcare workers for the future.

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